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Be Seen. Heard. Remembered.

Brand and Branders is a curiosity driven and passion focused marketing agency specializing in digital marketing, content creation, branding and eCommerce. We thrive on creating impactful experience by connecting human understanding with data, design and technology. Brand and Branders is located in Vancouver and work with brands worldwide.


We are driven by curiosity and hunger to solve complex marketing and design problems.


To better serve our global clients, we are constantly innovating and adapting to the latest marketing systems and technology.

Knowledge & Experience

Over the years Brand and Branders carved out a reputation for marketing and branding for many brands in USA, Canada and Asia.


We continue to seek new horizons and creative solutions for our clients to engage with their customers.


Passion begets passion. Our passionate team are inspired by clients who wants to make a mark in the world.


We aim to tell remarkable stories that connects with both the mind and heart.

People with Passion can

Change the World for the Better

"Even great brands needs investment and caring to retain relevance and vitality."

- Steve Jobs -


Strategy &


Gain clarity on your next marketing and brand strategy by working with me. With a clear plan and goal we can create an effective marketing campaign that'll enhance your visibility and connection to your clients. We think with both our left and right brain to ensure that your brand is seen, heard and remembered by your target audience. 

Eunice K

Creative Director

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